Hello my dear rogue:

Today transgressive and protest post coming from the Canary Islands.

I present to you Ana, creator of www.enfermeraenapuros.com (nurse in distress). In just two months has managed to revolutionize and brighten up the health days with its humour and its magnificent drawings. And she doing an awesome noise!

This is her post:

‘ I am a nurse, and all we have chosen this job, there was not for the money.
We’re because it is a profession that chooses yo. The day I left my graduation as first grade promotion, with a very good record and looking forward to further education and work, I was really happy.

When I began to inquire into the labour market of the moment I realized really how was the country. Chorizos (Spanish word) freeloaders abound even in health, my friends, and all know who they are. Works in which you must pass through the hoop as (false) autonomous, unworthy salaries and responsibilities that exceed any limit.

But we have the power. Yes, really I think so.

The power of letting them pulled, not give them the taste, denounce them, focus our energies on what really moves us. I was stuck in a loop of “shit works…” (I apologize about my language), and thanks to this need to do something, to reach out to people, laugh and complain came out something different: www.enfermeraenapuros.com (nurse in distress)

This served me, but one day someone said to me: ‘Enough. Go for your dreams’.

And I sent to hell that job that you run more risks you that who hires you for much less money not only of the copper, but which you deserve.


Let´s focus on why we started this wonderful proffesion!
If you do things to improve, your time will be best employee because you’ll be happy. 

If we don’t respect ourselves, no one will do it.

Because we must change the conditions of the game, but we need each others!’.

Thank you Ana, brave way to generate consciousness!
Happy Saturday mates!