Life sometimes is can be summarized in a letter. Welcome letter, farewell letter.

As life, sometimes differences also have site in the same space. Letters are obsolete, it is clear, but it is also clear that even us, healthcare providers, continue pulling this concept to the editor of scientific journals. That letter is for he or she but actually is for all those who want to read it. Probably for all those who want to read it and the editor is the excuse.

To fill a blank sheet tend to be useful two things: eyes and ears. The order can be equal. We work surrounded, and there is no one more alert that someone as well. Hear and see are a part of our work and already depends on us to crystallize that into something concrete.

Letters sometimes are crystallizations, although it sounds too high, too ridiculous. Only a few times they change anything but, with some change, the person who writes already has a bigger smile.

We invite you to do a listening exercise before reading this letter. Letters also are written to ask for things and even to ask for gifts. These letters often are written by children, and although many of you work with adults, perhaps you are wrong.

Dr. Alberto García-Salido
Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús