In Chile there is a typical phrase that says: “there is no first without the second”… and in allusion to that I write today the 2nd part of “Keep calm…”.

You will recall that my head and heart were impacted after know the reality of the Emergency Service and one of the last questions that I raised and invited it to reflect was: Can we actually do something?

You probably thought the same thing that myself “It is impossible” and the truth, I do not blame you for this reason, after all of the task is daunting! In a nutshell who am I?… Let me tell you that  YES, we can do something.

Many years ago, Einstein said: “Don’t expect different results if you keep doing the same thing”. If you want to see changes, you must start by yourself! Do not expect that is on the side is warm with the patient and his family, do not expect that the situation will be the indicated or even don’t wait to have specific training in human care to start being a revolutionary of the care.

Today Intensive Care Units require people to meet people, not robots that treats bodies or organs. Perhaps you think…but I am only one!! You are wrong, we are… thousands throughout the world who are tired of the same and longing for something more.

The swine flu pandemic began on 1, and that “one” was multiplied by the world. All together, we can be the pandemic which makes our units more human.

After all, there is good news, even no one has developed a vaccine that combats the determination and passion of a soul on fire.

Until next week!

Verónica Rojas