Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

October 10th, Palliative Care World Day

It is now. Shout it!

By necessity. Because they are an integral and essential practice. Because they help us to live better. Because they promote teamwork and a major sense of the human being.

Because they really matter. Let them know!

There are 40 million people in the world who need them.

This is of general interest.

It is not only cancer, there are many more things.

Children also die.

Let´s open our doors! Let´s remove the padlocks!.

Because basic relational skills are needed by healthcare providers. And it´s never late.

We can overcome the fear that paralyzes us by sharing.

Morphine is not a taboo.

Talking about death is talking about life.

It depends on us. Down it to Earth. Let us make visible the invisible.

Happy Palliative Care World Day!