It doesn´t look like an Hospital!

That’s what the first patient told when they visited the new Day Center of Oncology and Hematology Pediatric of the Hospital Materno Infantil Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona.

When we are going to receive a treatment, we are nervous and afraid. But our experience can improve if we find ourselves in an attractive, friendly, warm, and cozy space.

And that is what they have done in Vall d’ Hebrón. They have created a concept based on different worlds and experiences that have been called “Park of attention”. A space where patients and their families receive all care and attention: medical, personal and emotional.

“The objective is to make children feel comfortable during treatment should receive and for this reason, in addition to the latest technological advances, space design has been thought to that families are in a unique, pleasant environment and fostering a better state of mind, through the sum of small experiences.”

To achieve this they have increased the area of 100 to 500 m2 and “the park of attentions” has been divided in three areas. It has started from a common base for all the “Park”: white spaces and decorative elements made of wood. This base will be how link between areas.

Each zone has its personality characterized and identified by design, furniture, materials and colors combined with natural light and lighting enhance the warmth and friendliness of the space.

The waiting room recreates a forest, it has been raised with different environments designed for children and families: area seat, game and a more versatile and more technological space. The elements that identify the space are the wood in its natural color and the color green, a visual image with elements that represent the nature also made of wood and have been distributed to creating the environment of the forest has been created.

The universe, is the area of medical consultations. It is separated from the waiting area by a glass that does not close the space and allows the light to flow. Arises on the basis of a very simple design: space paneled in white with integrated doors that show a tidy and organized space to highlight and will enhance the decorative elements and signs made in wood. It is played with the theme and colors, in this case yellow is the principal.


And finally the boxes and treatment area are racing circuit. It arises as the pit-stop of repair of vehicles in a race which are represented in every shade.

In this case orange is the color that identifies the space, some of the boxes also have natural light, providing much luminosity. Seems very interesting how this idea has been raised since it creates an immediate environment for children.

We must design and bring to reality these functional, technological, efficient, warm and friendly spaces that allow us to improve the experience of the patient and family, impacting also on a better workspace for the health professionals with a purpose: humanizing healthcare.

Mónica Ferrero
Interior designer in Lab In Action