Hola a tod@s:

As I am slowly trying to return to normal, I bring you an article and a website thanks to the great Dr. Carlos Muñoz de Cabo, mate of ICU in Torrejón. Two for the price of one!

Published in Critical Care Medicine, Rehabilitation Interventions for Postintensive Care Syndrome: a Sistematic Review analyzes what interventions are useful to improve stress subsequent to admission to ICU.
You can click on the following link to access the full article.

And another page that has amazed me: write your diary.

ICU-diary.org is a website that helps to write a diary during the stay in the ICU, while patients are sedated and on mechanical ventilation. The journal is written by family members and nurses and the patient could read it later, when he improves. It is thus able to understand exactly what has happened to him.

I invite you to browse this wonderful page! Lots of references that show that this action decreases stress post ICU and tabs that explain it perfectly.

Excellent idea which comes from Germany, and started in 2012.

Happy Thursday!