Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

After more than 8 months, after suffering an infarction and return to tell the story, José wanted to continue telling us his experience during the subsequent follow-up. As many of you are fans of José, I asked him to write a post a few days ago, because he is at last to be discharged. Here it is:

The past day 6-current I was discharged by the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit of the Cardiology Service of the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón in Madrid, after having suffered the night of December 24 an acute myocardial infarction.

On this occasion, although it may seem paradoxical, I would like to place on record my wonderful experience for the professionalism, the exquisite treatment and the immense affection that received me and other patients. All of us live at all times with our enormous vulnerability after the various cardiac events that we had suffered.

Proof of that, despite the high number of patients that make up each of the four groups every day following this programme, the healthcare providers always refered calling by our respective names and every day that lasted the program, they were interested in our physical and emotional state, giving us permanently  words of encouragement, without which we could never notice a bad gesture in any of the team members, despite the critical situation which is going through the Spanish public health system.

Finally, the toughest program part was the fact that I would accept that it had played to the end.

My most sincere and deep gratitude to the staff of such unit and particularly to María Ángeles, Teresa, Almudena and Silvia for their excellent work and for the immense love that carried out,  and congratulate all those who with their initiatives, their dedication and their efforts struggle every day for progress in the humanization of health in all areas, particularly in the intensive care.

Our particular idiosyncrasy frequently leads us to harshly criticize everything which, in our opinion, is not happening as it should be or how we had hoped or we would like it to take place and for this reason I consider opportune to highlight the excellent work carried out by many professionals, which certainly include the ‘girls’ dealing in the Centro de Especialidades de Peña Prieta “Hermanos Sangro ” in the cardiac rehabilitation program.

A rehabilitated and grateful heart.
José Luis Díaz.