Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Yesterday I could meet for a coffee with Dr. Salvador Casado. Although he is extremely famous, I am sure that many of you don´t know who he is. He is a Primary Care Physician at the Center of Health of Collado Villalba and a reference due to his blog and Social Media.

A couple of months ago, we work together with the tragicomic photo on the inverted pyramid, that I called Too many Heads and very few workers.

For my was an honor meeting him in person. Peaceful, quiet and very affectionate. And we talked about how we see the situation and the task we have ahead. And he told me one thing that struck me: in France, not so long ago, when a doctor stemmed a patient to the hospital, wrote a letter to the doctor telling him what was happening to his patient, and how  he saw the illness. When the patient came out of the hospital, at the same time specialist referred a letter to primary care physician telling how the patient had been treated or what had been discovered in the hospital about their disease.

Come on, just like it is now!!!. “We have lost the narrative,” said Salvador.

In my opinion, every disease has a lot of biography, and until we do not sit down and talk with patients instead of the “cut and paste” that  has been brought us by information systems, something really good we’re losing and that it directly affects us all: listen.

“People need to be heard , and perhaps to serve them in less than 5 minutes per patient, they decide to go to other areas of medicine where they really feel listened… and receive hope.”

“And of course, if we do not talk among us (primary care and specialized)… How could we talk with patients?”.

That is why both believe that continuity of care is also goes towards the human care. And we are going to work for it. We are going to build bridges.

And if today you read this, please, take the test.
Forget about the conditions of the game imposed by the system, and do it  on your own way: sit back, listen, talk, and enjoy your wonderful vocation.
Only depends on you.

Happy Thursday compañer@s,