Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

For IC-HU Proyect, it is a pleasure and an honor collaborate and diffund the I National Congress of Psychology applied to Urgencies and Emergencies, which will take place in Madrid from 25 to 27 September.

The Congress, presided by our good friend and collaborator Pedro Martín-Barrajón is aimed at all types of professionals: psychologists, nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians, members of security forces and law enforcement personnel, social workers…

Spanish Professionals will teach us the most recent and relevant psychosocial interventions in disasters and emergencies. Thanks both the experience and the broad background of teachers, this Congress stands as the formative activity of reference for professionals in the field of assistance to victims and survivors.

Looking for synergies, it will be created a forum for multidisciplinary exchange of experiences and lessons learned by professionals who have lived different situations of crisis and emergency which, unfortunately, have shaken our country in recent decades.

“A unchangeable reality is that not everyone exposed to a critical situation develops psychological problems. In fact, the number of people who develop a mental health problem is usually less that instead, because the human being has a natural resistance to deal with extreme situations. Even those who are traumatized, have developed natural coping strategies enough to not need expert assistance (medical or psychological) “.

These are some of the exciting issues, and here is the draft programme (only available in Spanish).

We hope a great success, because we already feel that the initiative cannot be more successful: a multidisciplinary learning and improve interventions approach. Congratulations!.

Happy Thursday,