Hola a tod@s, my dear Friends.

“Hurry kills”, repeated in relentless way sellers of the souks of Marrakech when you try to bargain with them. There is business, there is always listening.

It is curious how about an hour and a half distance flying, the world changes and is transformed radically: there is life everywhere with people in the streets, time, motion, colors, scents, music and above every thing, another rhythm.

Neither better nor worse, different.

If you don´t know,  living Yamaa El Fna square is something that needs to be done in this life. If you have been there, you know what I am talking.
And if we stop to think, they are right:
How many mistakes we make at work? There are thousands of articles on patient safety, but today I will not give pubmed reviews.
How many things we get lost by going fast? Life is what happens while we make plans for the future…Those things that often give us fear and that only occur in less than 10% of the time, but can with 90% of our concerns.
We are back with another perspective from the South. More leisurely and most vital, putting the focus on what we do.
Today we are at Hospital 12 de Octubre talking about the project for Intensive Care Medicine services, but it is open to everyone, as always.
Who dares?
Happy Tuesday,