Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

A few days ago Enric Benito sent me his presentation “Humanizing the process of dying”, which took place in VíaENcuentro 2015 Meeting.

I recommed you not miss it, as it is the best that has fallen into my hands lately. These are the key points, which are developed with science, humor and affection during the talk.

– Dying is normal, and always ends well.
– To Die well is vital.
– Every one dies as she/he has lived.
– When you die, you die accompanied and your way of dying will impact on your people. 
– It is an exciting journey.
– Fear avoids us to understand and respond well to the person who dies.
– Even if we die, the death does not exist.

Only available in Spanish

We wil follow with this topic, where it is necessary to generate consciousness.

Thank you so much Enric.

Happy Tuesday,