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Here I am, with my daughter on my chest so I have free and quick hands for typing. Today I want to share with you another birth: Humanizing Health Care

                                       Foto: "Humanizar la asistencia sanitaria", nuevo libro de José Carlos Bermejo, editado por Desclée de Brouwer...http://www.humanizar.es/noticias/vista-individual-noticia/article/humanizar-la-asistencia-sanitaria-nuevo-titulo-de-jose-carlos-bermejo.html

Humanize Health is the fundamental bioethical problem. For this reason, Jose Carlos Bermejo, Head of San Camillo Centre in Tres Cantos, Madrid; The humanization of Health Center, Medical Center for elderly and palliative care and Master in Bioethics, Counselling and intervention in duel, has just published this book. 

Published by Desclée de Brouwer, presents simple and profound way the meaning and implications of the humanization of the health world and human suffering.
The author based the humanization in the human dignity and explores different areas and existing plans of humanization, looking at aspects of management such as direct care to patients.

The lamentation by the dehumanization in health care is an universal phenomenon. And what is the objective of complaining? Do you think that all we should move to action?. The project deserves it and we need everyone: patients, families and professionals.

I am looking forward to reading this book, which is available at the following address (click here). 

Sorry for my English followers, there is only available the Spanish version (perhaps it´s a good reason to learn Spanish!!)

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