Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Finally, this crazy October ends. We had a very entertaining month visiting different parts of the country and building new bonds that humanize the assistance.

Today I want to introduce you to J.M Salas, author of one of my favorite blogs: Con Tinta de Médico (With doctor’s ink)

I bring here a recent interview (only available in Spanish) to meet him better.

“We must not forget the person who is behind the disease.

We must not only treat the heart that we see but the other heart, the one who feels.

We must listen to the patients.

Technological advances may not be the retreat of humanity.

Physicians must not be owners of patients.

Each notice is a new story.

Love is a reason to live.”

Jose Manuel comes from Sevilla and works as a specialist in Family and Community Medicine in the Emergency Service of Archena (Murcia).

We have several things in common: Bolivia in our hearts, the need to integrate the cooperation in our lives, a blog almost in the second birthday and humanization as passion.

He shares his stories with us and raises the volume of what is worth to be counted: sometimes uncomfortable, others makes us stop and think.

If you give a dive on his blog, you will find excellent post: Gracias Enfermería (Thank you Nursing -“…I can not imagine a Medicine without you”-), Dolor con Tinta de Médico (Pain with doctor ink), Yo no quiero sacar a nadie de una parada cardiorespiratoria (I don´t want to recover anybody from a CPR), No me llamo apendicitis (My name is not appendicitis)… so don’t miss it. Simply thank you, José Manuel.

All together, working for the humanization of our environment, we will achieve that excellent health focused on people that we deserve.

We can give the recipe, but change depends on you and you are the piece that enhances your environment.

Happy Saturday,