Hello everybody, my dear friends.

So that is my question today.
I feel that this IC-HU Project  is going through several constructed barriers that I do not know if they have any sense over the years. And I also feel that it is in our hands, in our will, switch  alltogether the written history, or that it has been written.
So happy to see how  we establish networks of collaboration and we are going to work with many other projects that already work.
I am referring in this case to the companions of Anestesiar.org, which many of you know and are a benchmark for all of us. In its critical section they discusse many items that are interesting and are sure that they will facilitate your daily clinical practice. Anesthesia e Intensive Care Medicine have many more values that unite us than the few that separate us. I think that it is time to build bridges.
And what about our partners in Pediatrics? Many of the battles we are asking us now, they already have won and we should perhaps have them as references when it comes to the treatment of families and visiting. My co-worker friend and faculty partner Susana de las Heras, neonatologist in the Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada, proposes us a trip: visit the following project http://www.changeyouchoose.com/trauma-the-nicu-life-after-the-pain/, speaking of parents of infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and that have been established to share experiences. And why not in adults?
I have two other friends in mind: Juanjo Juanas, nurse and midwife, who asks me constantly… and how can we humanize the OB-GYN? I think childbirth is also a facet that is constantly fighting for humanization, but I’m certainly the less indicated to talk about it.
And Diego Ruiz, partner of Fellowship in the Hospital Universitario Severo Ochoa, Family Physician and Master in Palliative Care and support of patients with cancer and who works at the ESAD of Legazpi… why not an intensive palliative care?. Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter is dedicated to it in the United States.
Oh my God! What to do.
Yes we can!! We have the whole LIFE to do it together.
Happy Wednesday (despite the bus of Chelsea’s Mourinho in Madrid yesterday night)