Hola a tod@s, my dear friends:

Yesterday I had the fortune to know personally one of the persons in Spain that has most knowledgeable about communication in critical situations.

Constant smile and exquisite service, she taught me the headquarters of the National Organisation of Transplants and introduced me to the team with a normalcy that made me feel as at home. And if you have not had the opportunity, I recommend visiting the beautiful and old building surrounded by gardens and which today is the place that makes us feel very proud of the work we do (patients, professionals and families) among all for organ donation.

We talk about words that appear to be prohibited as DUEL, HUMANIZE or COMPASSION, we call things by their name and how our training needs to improve in this regard. With naturalness and common sense. Not stop referring to sources, those which  she constantly reads on books and which remind her that wisdom comes with time and pause. And always putting thousands of examples.

Without realizing we had morning chatting about, and I am delighted to discover once more that even 25 years among being the elite, there are certain people who still have that shine in the eyes that denotes the illusion of the first day.

I couldn’t be happier to welcome you to IC-HU Project. I hope that we can learn all of you. Compassion and with passion.

I introduce you Mamen Segovia.

Happy weekend.