Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amig@s.
After a few days of rest and refuel, we come back harder than ever.

The second half of this 2015, a year that will change the history, comes very very entertaining and in line with the first half: full of activities that keep generating consciousness.

Yesterday leapt on social networks one of the early surprises coming from now.We have been invited to participate in TEDxValladolid!

And many of you could say: and What is TED?.

TED is a nonprofit organization with one annual event where some of the thinkers and entrepreneurs more important in the world are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” means technology, entertainment and design, three large areas that together are shaping our future. Today TED already has been extended to any discipline of general interest and has grown to support those who, with their ideas, are trying to change the world through various initiatives.


Chema Cepeda, The impact of technologies of approach

This year, on September 26th at
Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid (LAVA) we will make several trips.

Every day we take steps, we cross paths, we design itineraries, draw routes, we explored routes, draw maps, we crossings. Some have beginning and end, others never end, ones we are going alone, other accompanied… Everything we do to learn, discover, or simply enjoy.

Some people take one step further and dare with unusual “Journeys”, which normally needed to break the status quo, challenge, overcome obstacles, and sometimes even looking crazy.

That’s DARING JOURNEYS, which will be the 4th edition of TEDxValladolid: ideas that dare to take that step more and start travel with trips, unusual in the world of knowledge, of life, innovation, and knowledge in science, art, technology, design, education, nature, language, economics, physics, power, space,… and much more.

DARING JOURNEYS, a day dedicated to the ideas, emotions, unforeseen, signals, shortcuts, challenges, surprises, and globetrotting trips and travel, sometimes without destination and goal clear, but always leave footprint and worth be lived and shared. And we will not go alone, because together we add more

The IC-HU Project awaits you in Valladolid. If you want to join us on our journey, do not hesitate to book your ticket as soon as posible.

Without emotion there is no project, so don’t miss it!

Happy Wednesday,