Last weekend I had the opportunity to represent to the IC-HU Project in the 13th Cinema and Health 2015 Awards. In Zaragoza, we show our first film “Human Tools”, within the category of Assets for health.

It was a very rewarding day.

Human Tools had a great acceptance among the public who attended the event. I received many congratulations for the video and I take this opportunity to congrat everybody who made it possible.

Also it was a wonderful experience because I had the opportunity of seeing the rest of works presented, jobs of high quality both in its implementation as in the message transmitted. 

All the videos highlighted the importance that has the human being within the health care system. What important is for the patient that health professional who “is” human and how easy is to ensure that humanity. Differents proposals: with music in a psychiatric hospital, walking with patients in a health centre or simply saying our name to the patient. Motive for reflection for all of us who work in this.

Human Tools received the second prize in its category!

Many thanks to the IC-HU Project.

Dr. Gabriel Tirado.
Intensivist at Hospital Royo Villanova.

And from Zaragoza, thanks to Gabi Tirado who represented us in the Awards. A new example that reflects this Project belong to everybody….Let´s go to Chicago!!!

As you know, Human Tools is our first film and was made for EVO Competition, SMACC Chicago 2015.

After three months in competition, we have finally obtained what we wanted, and…We will be in Chicago!!!

Human Tools is the winner video of the month of March!. But the real award, are more than 3,500 reproductions of the video and which is serving to generate smiles and consciousness.

Many thanks and just remember: #BeSweetBeHuman.

Happy Friday,