Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Today we share a gift for everybody!

We present our first film, “Human tools”, which we have just presented to EVO Competition in the next SMACC Chicago.

In EVO Competition you have to create a video explaining a tool that we usually use in less than 5 minutes. Up to the date of the Conference, June 2015, a video is chosen as winner per month from the videos that are involved, and the award is a registration free.

SMACC Chicago … is The Congress. More than 2500 delegates from all parts of the world are expected.

Here you have the program, but I’m afraid that just going we could understand it.

“Human Tools” is a short film made at Hospital Comarcal de Inca.
We thought: What is our best tool?. And the only answer could be one: each one of us.

Through a videogame and humorous, we show you the way to use your tool as well as possible.

The choice is yours.

Thank you in advance for its dissemination.
Make it viral. Help us!

Be Sweet, be Human.

Happy Tuesday!

PS: Specially thanks Dr. Daniel Muñiz Tolivia and the rest of the team (actors, camera, photographer, video editor, sound and post-production effects) in Mallorca for their dedication and time in this film, which will shine with its own light.