Hello everybody, my dear friends.

Today we open the doors to José María Cepeda, Emergency Nurse and blogger that you will know thanks to 2.0 Inmersion Manual for Health Professionals (only availabe in Spanish) that you may unload for free Health Connected. More than 4500 downloads!. We encourage you to read it!

Chema is on fire, and recently shared with all of us an excellent lecture in II Workshop of innovation and development of the Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital: Hacking Health from inside. We are sincerely grateful for the mention of IC-HU Project as one of the ways to change the system. In fact, that is we are trying to convey day to day: things are changed from inside each person. And of course, we feel hackers!

Yesterday, Chema published an awesome editorial in Index of Nursing, and seems to me required reading: Humanism, Health and aproach technologies in open access (only available in Spanish).

It is time to fight against these resistors that make us think that technology take us further away from people. To combat the history.

As a lover of technology, I like to think that as so many other things, complements our health acts. We cannot put the blame of the dehumanization into machines, they didn’t throw it us and usually we just pulling balloons out.

What do patients want? Politics of maximum: the excellent service and take advantage of the best technology possible. We need to change the language, let’s talk about how we use the machines. It´s time for Digital Humanities.

Let’s look, connect and put person at the center. Let´s use technology with sense, learn how to use them.

Many thanks Chema, and congratulations.

Happy Wednesday,