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Last week, Dr. Odile Fernández (www.misrecetasanticancer.com) published in her blog the post Practice the hugtherapy without moderation! 4 hugs a day for good health!.

Odile has the good habit of referencing all reviews, and I saw that one of the items on her post had been published in the journal of the American Association of Nurses of Intensive Care, Critical Care Nurse in 2004: Hugs and healthy hearts. So I have been searching and here it is.

I summarize the Dra Fernández’s post:

“Imagine that your doctor prescribes you 4 hugs a day if you suffer depression or anxiety.

Physical contact is more important than we think.

When we embrace and someone embrace us all the organs of our system are activated: the heart, the brain, our skin and our endocrine system sensors. This gesture decreases the production of cortisol and adrenaline, reduces stress and creates a sensation of peace and balance. When we receive a warm embrace releases oxytocin which is the hormone of pleasure and well-being.

When someone is bumped, touched or embraced, the skin receptors are also activated. They send signals to nerve vague of the brain, responsible for reducing blood pressure. To more hugs, less blood pressure.

Some experts say that four hugs daily are recommended to notice its positive effects on our physical health and spiritual.

Hugs are a gesture recommended for all, but are especially suitable for those who suffer from emotional problems of stress, anxiety, fear or depression. Hugs reduce significantly the preoccupation with death and improve the attitude to the existential fears among practitioners of the hugtherapy.

Hugs also increase the quality of life of people with dementia.

Hugs are essential to reduce the stress and fear. “

What do you think? Do we have in ICU patients with all of these symptoms?

Hugtherapy in the ICU?

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