Liver function: “The liver is a solid víscera that …”

Luis. His daughter. After two days of birth: familiar progressive intrahepatic cholestasis . Alagille síndrom.

Luis and his family are castilians: their solution in Madrid.

– “Your daughter needs a new liver.”
– “Can I donate her a part of mine?”

A blessed echocardiography puts another challenge on the road: atrial septal defect. “We expect to close before transplanting”. But that intrauterine memories resists. “We must close before transplanting”.

In her heart surgery recovery emerges, as in Hesiod’s Theogony, a new “War of Titans”. His daughter suffers a head injury of minor importance but serious repercussions: epidural hematoma.

While this happens, Luis had to leave everything for her: work, relationships, concerns … What more avatars will steal that time as precious as rare in the life of his daughter?. 

Comes and goes. Time and longer. Luis is not separated from his daughter. Pick up a white stone garden hospital every day of the nine months with her: “It’s the only white thing I saw on the day. It served to forget the yellow tint of her face”.

The trasplant. And she has his father forever inside.

“Everything, what I remember most is the first day I saw her white sleeping all night. I was crying until dawn. “

Luis, on his worktable, has 273 white stones, one for each calendar day, in a container that looks, especially when the daily difficulties tightened, and he uses to say: “I’ve had worse days.”

He currently chairs an association of liver transplanted children . He had it clear . He has very clear it.

And thus, a liver works.

Thank you.

Felix José Martín Gallardo.