Hola a todos, my dear Friends.
Some months ago, the IC-HU Project helped in the diffusion of the international survey of Hearts in Healthcare, Would you consider changing jobs to find a truly compassionate workplace?
First of all, I would like to thanks everyone of you:  244 health professionals, mostly from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Spain.
They rated their own organisation on a scale of 1 to 5 on these questions:
  • How much does your organisation treat every patient with care and compassion – average rating 3.2/5
  • How compassionate and caring is your organisation towards employees – average rating 2.4/5
  • How much does your organisation reward acts of human caring, as opposed to efficiency and productivity – average rating 2.2/5
  • How well do senior leaders in your organisation act as compassionate role-models – average rating 2.4/5
  • How well does your organisation give emotional support to both employees and patients after challenging events – average rating 2.5/5
  • Would you consider changing jobs to find a truly compassionate workplace – 86% of respondents

survey featured image 

It is important to emphasize that in those places where there is leadership in compassionate treatment, that desire for change of work rate is significantly reduced.

The truth is that point-by-point, practically  no one reaches the approved in the items evaluated and gives much to analyze and think

Could we do our workplace a better place?.

Who depends on?. It is the sole responsibility of the management of each organization, or do we have something to do?.

Just think about it. Happy Friday.