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Today the blog wants to serve as a megaphone to help our partners and friends of Anestesiar.org.

Dr. Eugenio Martínez Hurtado, from Hospital Universitario Infanta Leonor de Madrid has contacted me to spread and participate in the INTRAQUEAL study, a controlled clinical randomized multicenter study that wants to compare the classic direct laryngoscope Macintosh against two videolaringoscopio channel for the endotracheal tube and the Airtraq ® King Vision ® scoop with channel, and one without channel, the GlideScope ®, in a sample randomized patients for various surgical procedures requiring General Anesthesia with the use of neuromuscular relaxation.

Therefore they need to enroll 30 hospitals within the national and/or international scope, 10 for each device. 1 principal investigator, responsible for managing the project will be established in each of the hospitals that will involve, and other 4 Research Associates (a total of 5 researchers per Center), committing each of them to make a total of 40 patients at 12 months.

In this way they could reach the target of 1,000 patients for each device.

The data will be introduced via online platform e-Aula anestesiar.

To participate, just follow the recommendations of the INTRAQUEAL study that you could find in the following link.

From IC-HU Project we encourage you to participate in the study of our partnets and to spread it to the maximum, because as you know, in my opinion build bridges and establish collaborative networks is one of the ways to generate change.

Happy Thursday,