During the last #3JHUCI,  a module entitled “Breaking the ICU doors” was carried out. Obviously, and as the title suggests… it had to be a shocking module. And I assure you it was.

Months earlier, Gabi and a server were talking about the need (and my personal illusion) to include a presentation on the famous #paseosquecuran (healing walks). It´s time to talk about it… and do it properly. That day, our conversation ended with Gabi saying: “Man… you must talk about walks”.

Obviously this entails a deep work of investigations and collections (not only of dogmas of faith men live) and the preparation of a presentation that could only last 30 minutes (time men live!). Go for a walk with ICU patients? Now, try to defend it with nobody against… Well, the mess: the question is that the most liked thing was precisely when I was silent: the video.

A video of 3 minutes and 17 seconds, with testimonies and fragments of our ICU and of the many friends: sun and air, smiles and life. I spent enough time bundled home collecting material (what good is to keep things up to almost have a “IPhone-diogenes” and also that of having friends), assembling and dismantling… When I finished and saw the result, tears  jumped me (H-sensitive I become!). So here you have it.

The talk passed “taking a walk” on this art. From records of the first World War, until the hospitals built in the middle of nature (all over the world) for decades to take advantage of its beneficial effects. From my own personal experience several times admitted within four walls in different hospitals without seeing the sky, the sun or feel the breeze (one of them up to 43 days… What nonsense!) to tell you that a ICU box has the same dimensions (or less) to a cell in a Spanish jail.

I could show how hospitals around the world are climbing on the bandwagon of the benefits of nature, building green spaces to go for a walk with patients by food, wheelchair or bed. Studies which show the influence of nature (free air, Sun, etc.) in recovery and mood of patients (it was not necessary for obvious, but well… I did it). Also in terms of early mobilization (something for which, if you want to move, have to leave the box, per your own foot, even if you are intubated).

I was surprised applause (which Enric Benito began) when displaying our “ICU Walk protocol”, I told how the powerful service of rehabilitation of the ICU of John Hopkins Hospital (USA) asked us long ago that share it. It was a amazing and it should serve us all to always point to the highest (that is not so far).

Ending the talk… the future. With data, humanity and H-technology… in another video that tells us where our steps  have to go towards… and our walks (who has been shocked to read the previous paragraph on your foot, intubated…don´t miss the next video!).

My love and support to those who try to do it, but it´s hard for their enviroment (great things usually are not easy). Continue doing, conquer the unbelievers. Get it: with passion, arguments and strongly… Yes, we can!.

Choosing well, doing well… and: take your patients out to give them the air!
Lots of H for all.

By José Carlos Igeño Cano