International Women’s Day , my dear scoundrels
Before the
fully deserved weekend, I could not overlook the opportunity to congratulate
you  all today because it is the
International Women’s Day.
To be
honest, something must be wrong when we have to make clear that today is your day,
but well, that already belongs to personal reflections. As you already know, I
easily join any festive event , so I wish you have a great day.
And, let it
not be said, I want to give you a gift.I invite you to read ‘ The Element’ by Ken Robinson. You can download it
directly from the section The Human-Library.

A book that is very much in tune with the blog and which catches your attention.
Each of us has an element, a gift, a skill that makes us special and thus we have
the duty to find it in order to achieve personal fulfillment.

You might never find it  in spite of
searching, but nevertheless, the journey is exciting. Who wouldn’t like that?

Happy day for women, happy weekend to all of you.

And remember … March 15
everybody with me.