Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

From Hospital Maciel of Montevideo in Uruguay, an old and dear friend, Dr. Fabio Grill shares with us an educational video about #handwashing.

During the whole today, today May 5th, World Day of #handwashing, activities will be carried out in the Patio del Brocal of the Hospital.

The proposal, embodied under the question “How does a surgeon wash his/her hands?”, will allow these professionals interact with students from the public school.

During the event, surgeons will make a demonstration of the specific technique of hand washing in surgery, and will promote the importance of this practice of hygiene not only in health institutions, but also to the population in general in everyday life.

The objective of this Workshop which takes place everywhere, is raising awareness and sensitizing health teams, about the importance of improvements in the practice of hand hygiene to reduce health care-associated infections. More than 5000 hospitals and health centres in 127 countries have joined to this campaign of WHO.

Hand hygiene has been and continues to be one of the interventions more cost – effective against the transmission of diseases that are available in public health.

#safeHANDS has a great importance also for the population in general, as a way of preventing acute respiratory diseases and diarrhea, especially in children.

Share your initiative with the hashtag #safeHANDS  or #handwashing.

Happy Tuesday,