Good morning my rascals!. It´s time to share, and is Sunday. I am not working today but I would like to thank everyone for the party. A succes, with more than 200 people at rush hour. People of my life : classmates, Boy Scouts, University, the MIR and the hospitals where I have worked, friends , family and blog followers . As Cholo Simeone says, the party was exactly like I have planned: friends, a crazy showman, a marvellous pub and the best artists.

Just this note is to tell you that, although it took a while to speak, Elena said Yes!!! Oh my God, the things I have to capture the attention of the public! .

Stay tuned to the blog during the week because I will make a compilation of your best photos, both Photocall  and during the party as well as a Making off of the preparation, catering, party assembly , testing, etc. . If you have unclassified material , please send me because the idea is to make a gallery of photos and videos for everyone, to share and download it .
Most people have asked me about the merchandising . Everything is gift (lighters , magnets , badges, condoms, sticks). The T-shirts were apparently very successful and some of you request me if I have more of them . As it was a bundle and I would not know how successful they were , if anyone wants some T-shirt to send me your size and how many you want . For a little price ( 15 euros including postage ) I could order a few more for everyone who would like to have the souvenir. 
Definitely not go wrong … You are the scum .
Happy Sunday.