Hello friends:I present you Gerardo Aguilar, doctor of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Unit of the Hospital Clínico de Valencia 

He says the following in his mail:

‘ First of all I would like to convey my congratulations to Gabi and all partners that make possible this project so successful and necessary.

Secondly, I take this post to show you two videos on the importance of hand washing both inside and outside the intensive care units. Although it is possible that some of you already you have seen them, I think that the message is so clear and convincing that they deserve the maximum diffusion.

There are:

VIDEO 1. What if we don’t wash our hands?

VIDEO 2. How do you wash your hands?

6 times must be complied with:

1 Palm to palm
2 Palm over palm
3 Fingers interlaced
4 Fingers interlocked
5 Rubbing thumb
6 Rotational rubbing

Best regards

Thank you very much mate! That’s great!!
Happy day everyone!!