Hola a todos, my dear friends.

Today we propose you a great plan. We want to encourage you to go to the theatre to see a play that surely will not leave you indifferent: when a great adversity comes, there is a mechanism inside us to fight and even see positive things.

“41-year-old woman goes to emergencies suffering with fever, three days of evolution, dyspnea with cold and fatigue with efforts.

“Dear Elene: I am still mulling over how to explain how I feel when I can breath…”

“Here begins my time as untouchable person, my time of repudiation”.

“From the room E008” is the journey of Raquel Nieto after having detected pulmonary fibrosis, which will consume her air, until a bipulmonar transplant that saved her life.



It is a true story in a theatrical format. Air, pain, struggle and the donation as a backdrop to tell a story of survival, but above all a hymn to life. A journey filled with hope, humor, and sensations that serves as a vital reflection. Because life makes its way in any situation showing a wonderful way that in other circumstances might not be it would have taken.


Interview in Canal 24 h to Raquel Nieto
(only available in Spanish)

Directed by Maijo Pazos, who knew about the story of Raquel Nieto, current President of the Lung Trasplant Association of Madrid , and how during her process she started to write, to tell her experiences.

An incredible plasticity material framed in a lively history, so she decides to convert it into theatrical format playing onstage with a theatre not documentary or classic. Where the movement, audiovisual support, and music combine with texts written by Raquel to convert her history.

I decided to leave the Rachel daily behind the door of room E008, to meet myself after the end of my trip.”

Essential: Sundays on June at 19.30 PM at Sala La Nao in Madrid (C/ Nao ,8, Metro Callao).


Happy Saturday,