He was 15 years old. Moped. Helmet isn’t invited. For that, the inevitable; ICU admission by traumatic brain injury. Parents in separation process. Previous reproaches into family room. Separated visits by decision parts.

The first 24 hours, our patient maintained marked drowsiness. The thud has been big and a strong parenchymal impact. After 48 h, their brain injuries haven’t progressed and he maintained alert. He claimed what connects the world with the cyber dependence we have not noticed that a resounding violates our personal autonomy (which have or pretend to believe that we had on occasion).

He claimed for his phone mobile.

He didn´t let rest to “gadget” an instant; news, whatsapp, music… but on the fourth day, a fatal moment. He began to mourn inconsolably in one of these incessant manipulation. Then he told to me that his girlfriend (obvious precocity), scolded him and told she didn’t like him, by WhatsApp. The boy got worse, their lesions progressed and finished he was admitted to a neuro-ICU.

She, her girl, unknowingly, and I say because at that age it is for other things, has come to approach a fundamental problem of ethics: MORAL RESPONSIBILITY. The moral is to the shares (and passions) human. And only moral action is worthy of praise or blame one that is voluntary. And it will understand the concept of choice that leads a preliminary deliberation. In the “Ethics Nicomacea” (specifically in his book III) autonomy is considered “free will”. (will: power to act for reflection and choice).

I refuse to end without a happy ending.

And I count four. On the second day of daily visits, the parents agreed to do it together. The day we discharged the boy to the ward, I saw looks of complacency and complicity between the parents that did not exist the first day. The child improved after his stay in our neuro-ICU reference. I met his girl: the relationship pointed very good manners.

Thank you.

Felix Jose Martin Gallardo.