Hello everybody, my dear rogues!

I am delighted with the announcement about my searching for editors. Yesterday 6 persons were interested in the job: a patient, two nurses, two social workers, and a Champion of the Europa League.

I would like to share the letter of motivation of Veronica Rojas, from Chile. She is a nurse, she belongs to the Division of Nursing of the Society of Intensive Care Medicine in Chile, she coordinates Specialty in Critical Care patient of Nursing at the University of the Andes and is waiting to be accepted for a Diploma in Humanization of Health.

“A young boy was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. His condition was unstable and he would be intubated and connected to mechanical ventilation. He was at the end of his life and he wouldn´t want to receive rescue maneuvers but his dessire was omitted. In the midst of his pleas to stop the procedure that would sleep and start a voyage without return,  the team decision was treating… He told her mother: “you promise me that we wouldn’t do this” and in a matter of hours he undertook a journey to which we were not able to join for walk with dignity”

This scene has probably been one of the reasons that ended up convincing me that working as a nurse in an intensive care unit and receiving training, there was an area that we had neglected and in which I believe must take care.

Since then a constant search for the humanized attention began to be as important as reading the latest publications; most of the time are related to drugs, blood tests, among other things.

When the genuine understanding that the human being is a being psychosocial, and if we only grant opportunities and advantages in physical health, excluding the user as a “person”, and its environment called family, deficiency that exists on the issue becomes apparent to generating an inescapable responsibility as health professionals.

The presence of the Bioethics Committee in hospitals, that could rather be defined as “absence”, and this is because nowadays each area functions as an independent body, forgetting that there are experts in the field to those who ask for guidance.

Technological development, specialization, globalization and many other milestones have contributed to that I face a reality that years ago we thought would be far from Latin America, however words such as “Therapeutic cruelty”, “Limit the effort therapeutic”, “Good death”, “Spiritual support”..have begun to appear in the local scenario of Chile, against which the need for training in ethical and moral conflicts experienced in professional practice associated with the development of critical thinking that allows you to make decisions with arguments, becomes a matter of urgency.

When Science and Medicine seem to be going in its greater apogee, the uneven growth of what “quality care” is more obvious, everyone today want to be more and more machines, pathology specialists… but very few want to invest time in what seems not to be so “fundamental” as it is to work with people, we forget that our health profession is born of the urgency of improving life expectancy lower mortality, but that must be the pair deliver years and decent quality of life.

I feel responsible for making our work units a place of integration, where the individual and its annexes “called labour, social and family environment” is considered as a whole.

I feel responsible for contributing to the holistic vision, not just happy to be part of the increase in survival, but also be an agent that allows the eternal rest in the way less cold.

Waiting for your answer
Yours faithfully
Veronica Rojas Jara

Many thanks for your collaboration Veronica!
Happy day!!, I hope many more emails