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Today we want to share with you Involvement of ICU families in decisions: fine-tuning the partnership, a recent review of Dr. Elie Azoulay with open access in Annals of Intensive Care.

Families are not just visitors. They are in sudden grief for the loss of health and they must adapt to an unknown and intimidating atmosphere. They have anxiety (70%), depression (35%), stress (33%) and difficulty to understand information given to them (50%).

In this environment they are asked to take decisions about an ill family member. Therefore,the article encourages to discuss the fact of sharing decision-making with them.

The article reviews the theoretical models of doctor-patient relationship: from the paternalism of the 70´s to the autonomy of the 80´s, with their limitations and deficiencies, towards a model of shared decision-making by the three protagonists: patient, family and healthcare professionals.

In addition, they propose and explain ten key points to improve family care in the ICU.

A very interesting article with practical application, as we enjoy, and that many questions will arise. You can send them as comments, and we generate the necessary debate trying to connect with the authors.

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