Published in Intensive Care. Volume 40, Number 3 / March, 2014
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Hello everybody! I supose you would like to see the photos of the most rogue party, but I ask for your patient because we are collecting yours photos and the photographer´s to make a selection. As soon as possible you will be able to downloud your funny pictures. Anyway, I invite you to visit the new section at the top of the blog called “My Videos”, where you could see again…It´s a surprise!

And meanwhile , coming from the oven I present you the article ” Feasibility and safety of cognitive and physical therapy in critically ill patients : ACT -ICU trial “.

As we all know , cognitive impairment is common after living and surviving an ICU admission .
The authors have developed a program for critically ill patients and assessed the feasibility and safety of administering combined cognitive and physical therapy early during a critical illness.


They randomized 87 medical and surgical ICU patients with respiratory failure and/or shock in a 1:1:2 manner to three groups: usual care, early once-daily physical therapy or early once-daily physical therapy plus a novel, progressive, twice-daily cognitive therapy protocol. Cognitive therapy included orientation, memory, attention, and problem-solving exercises, and other activities. They assessed feasibility outcomes of the early cognitive plus physical therapy intervention. At 3 monts, the also assessed cognitive, functional, and health-related quality of life outcomes.

The authors conclude that early rehabilitation can be extend beyond physical therapy, including cognitive therapy.

Exciting article that opens a new field.

What do you think?