Hello everybody, my dear rogue!

As you know that IC-HU Project is International, I would like to introduce you Lorette Gijsbers, Critical Care Nurse in The Netherlands and founder of Linkedin Group  “Family Centered Intensive Care”.

Dear Gabriel,

I am very happy to participate in this group ….I only have to brush up my English, Spanish is not an option ūüôā I will do my best

My first comment on your blog is this beautiful letter written by Brie Gowen (you can read the post that I wrote last Daddy¬īs day: A letter to the family of my ICU patient).
The letter brought up a lot of comments on how we as professionals often deal with difficult situations in a cynical way, as a way to reveal ourselves.

It’ an era where more and more discussions are whether to let family be present at an resuscition and where visiting hours of 24/7 are introduced. Where the patient is the centre of all, because research shows that it is in the best interest for patients and family. Also regarding their coping post ICU.

All of this asks for different communication skills of the professionals, who have to do it all next to their other work. It makes great demand on the professionals. And who notice them……

It’s a good thing that it finally arises a discussion on how we as professionals are dealing with this, what we need as a team to take of each, to stay inspired and that way try to avoid a burned out. Or is cynical humour okee and should you explain that to the family…

Gabriel, I am interested in your humanizing Intensive Care project, since 2012 there is more awareness about the huge impact of a stay on an ICU for both patient and his family. Long after their discharge they suffer from physical and psychosocial problems. It’s a good thing that more and more professionals in the post ICU care know about it.

Your blog inspires and stimulate professionals, surely it inspires me, as an intensive care nurse and founder of the linkedin group family centered intensive care in the Netherlands. This group starts discussions and helps to exchange knowledge and skills among care professionals and field experts in intensive care. And if you will, please let me know if you have ideas to keep this group alive and kicking.
Your Blog and the linkedin group have much in common and we can help each other to keep the spirit and make the voice stronger of the impact that intensive care has on patients and their relatives. But also on us as professionals.

Humanizing Intensive Care is also a very big issue in my Country, we talk about compassion for care , And I am sure it looks as if it can be a good match between your blog and the linkedin group . 

So dear colleges, keep up the good works and love to hear from you ‘
Take Care

Lorette Gijsbers 

Thanks a lot my friend, we will follow and keep in touch.Happy Tuesday,