Hello everybody my dear friends, What about this holidays in Madrid?
Linkedin via, I have met the Social Services group and a topic proposed by Natalia Ciudad.

Very interesting the discussion that she proposes. This is how starts:

‘ Anyone can become dependent. It is only a question of change of attitude and start mentalizing that caring for dependent persons and their families is not an expenditure but an investment, investing in the sector of the unit is increased the autonomy and quality of life of dependent persons and their families, also create works. There is nothing more profitable than investing in people ‘.

‘…If we follow this,  Spain will be the second longest country in the world, behind only Japan, with the consequences associated with this situation. What do you expect?, to which thousands of people have to leave work to care for their dependent relatives?, and if it is not possible, let die dependent persons as it is currently happening?. It is sad and unfair to say that more than 70,000 people waiting for answer from the Administration have already died.
I think that if we are punctual paying our taxes (which are few), it is now the Administration who plays to answer ‘.

‘ There are other far more effective solution. No vote to those who propose systems that do not yield viable solutions to these problems of dependent persons with low income. Not everyone can afford the co-payment. Total that the worse off are the impoverished middle class that is being generated in this country by political decisions that only they look to the power of money and their survival in the system. We must be very vigilant to electoral promises and above all compliance with them ‘.

Therefore since the critical illness and prolonged intensive care and by extension the hospital stay are generators of dependence, we will follow closely this group and share their points of view.

I’m still waiting for your opinions, don´t be shy!

A hug, and happy Saturday