The recently deceased Robin Williams participated in several films that have marked me: Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, Hook, Jumanji…

Photo: fanpop

But one of my favorites is Patch Adams, the the life of a doctor/clown. It´s plenty of  details and scenes that show the necessary humanization of health but I would like to share with you three of them that speak of empathy:

-The first is a brief summary of the movie:

-The second is a medical round with the Medicine students. I put it some time ago in an examination for medical students because there is lots of detail of what should be done and what not:

– And the third, in which he meets for the first time a patient:

The essence of what I want to show with these videos is the key to empathy. In our healthcare profession we can attend a number of social security, a room, a bed, a sick body… but when we approach and discover that there also is a person with name and surname which is suffering, perhaps our approach will change. This relationship becomes almost magical because arises a special spark between the person who needs help and another that wants to help.

Jose I. Ricarte