Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Thanks to the recent collaboration in #SOMIAMA to talk about the family presence during cardiac arrest, I could meet Dr. Alfredo Serrano Moraza, one of those people that it is impossible to leave you indifferent. He is SUMMA 112 professional and creator of Medicine of emergency based on the evidence, a reference website that you can not miss.

As you know, we try to give continuity to the biography of the patient for from IC-HU Project, and tha´s why we collaborate with all kind of healthcare workers. Alfredo is one of the first the healthcare chain. I asked him to tell us something.

Probably this will not the most read post of the blog. The main characters are too far, non-white and perhaps althought they talk about ebola, already you are not interested as a month ago.

By the way, you can not be indifferent and certainly creates consciousness. Thank you Alf.

“I bring the vital experience of Gordon Kamara, nurse in an ambulance in Monrovia, in a video that I would not lose.


It´s said that they don´t have more than 15 ambulances for a city of a million and a half of souls. And, although no central shows them where they should go, phone does not stop ringing from five in the morning.

I hear my ambulance siren wandering through a ghost town, seeing how the sick fall house after house for family and friends. “We came here last week a couple of times…” Just in time to wear the protective clothing.

Suffering a hard epidemic, almost without breathing, our hell has picked up as the few available healthcare workers abandoned hospitals available, collapsing system. Tell me your experience during the civil war in Liberia… There is nothing to compare to the current crisis.

It is your task to bring patients to “Units of treatment of Ebola”, saturated until the end, which just provides them fluids and symptomatic treatment. They do not have any specific drug. There are days of up to thirty patients in the 15-hour shift. On the last trip of yesterday, a unit for 50 patients, saturated with 85, did not have bed to a 17-year-old girl. Even your ambulance is the result of a donation, still with the emblems of California.

Seeing how some coworkers has fallen, by Ebola, or at the hands of the angry population, just to understand the way in which you’ve gone to live alone to protect your family. Dressed in your costume, you speak of foreign volunteers, you talk about helping your people, of many forms of their fear, but… who holds you? Where do you walk? Have you also read letters from Miguel?

It is then when, listening to stories as the of the anonymous Fanta Kondé trip with her grandmother from Guinea to Mali, I am convinced that the only possible solution is an epidemic of solidarity capable of putting a name to each one of the victims.”