We always say when we read a new that we should read several newspapers to know what has actually taken place.

To find out which are the needs of an ICU, it is very important to do this exercise. This week we asked his opinion to the ICU professionals Vicente Gómez-Tello and Laura Díaz, to José Luis Díaz as ICU expatient José Luis Díaz and the forgotten, the families, with Manuel López as speaker.

It has been a very interesting and enriching experience for me. I think we have a pretty complete information and… surprise!. All people have a very similar opinions, so we can see that there is only one direction: they all look to the same point, there are no discrepancies.
This is a summary of the conclusions reached after taking into account their answers. They are divided into top design and top human.
TOP DESIGN: We list the elements architectural and construction that all claim to improve the stay of patient and companions, in addition to facilitating the work to professionals.
1. Individual ICU Boxes with bathroom
2. A family and close space
3. Natural light
4. Technology for entertainment: tv, wifi connection, music
5. Comfortable waiting rooms with toilet and private professionals meeting spaces
TOP HUMAN: the design changes would directly influence on feelings of all.
1. Privacy
2. Feeling as at home, space more close
3. Awareness day and night: sunlight is very beneficial to load of energy.
4. Avoiding boredom, to have the busy mind and not have the feeling that time does not pass.
The objectives of this list can apply from today on the day by day of the UCI, although it has no architectural elements. Having clear what we want to achieve and a bit of imagination, we can start change already. We do not need much money, just put passion and head.
In fact, many of you already are doing so on your own initiative: you go for a walk outside the ICU with your patients, put pictures or drawings of relatives so that they can feel them closer, seek to give the patient some privacy…Simply, you should design your own plan taking into account all the opinions.
I hope that these conclusions could help you to start the beginning of change.

Best regards,

Mónica Ferrero
Lab In Action, design studio.