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Depression is a very important item and we are going to look from the point of view of all players.

As we all know, working in an intensive care unit is a profession with stressful experiences in every day. However, the incidence of depressive symptoms among professionals has been unstudied.

This study published in the Annals of Intensive Care in 2012 picked 901 surveys (depression scale of the epidemiological Centre of studies, CES-D) with a response rate of over 75% between 189 ICUs in France, and their conclusions are more than striking.

One of every 4 intensivists are depressed and almost 58% of them would be willing to leave this job. And 33% did not show their real mood.

The factors associated were: the Organization, work overload and lack of rest, and personal relations deteriorated with other colleagues. A high level of Burnout was also given.

On the other hand, the severity of patients did not influence in the mood of the physicians, and it was consider as a protective factor good relationship with physicians of other services of the Hospital.

Very interesting, isn´t it?
What could be done? Who take care of physicians?

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