Death Cafe is a discussion group organized for talking about dying without a closed script or concrete objectives. The purpose is promote social awareness of death from several views, for rating life and break the taboo that supposed talk of all related with death.

Death Cafe  model was developed by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid, based on the ideas of Bernard Crettaz. Since 2011, almost 4000 sessions in more than 40 countries have been carried out.

Death Cafe  only want to speak freely about death while a coffee and a cake are shared. It is not is a help to the grief nor a place of support to personal experiences. We don´t want raise money, neither intends to develop conclusions of the meeting. It is confidential and respectful.



The Death Cafe organized on December 1st 2016 by Vivir con Voz Propia in collaboration with Mamia Coffe is the first one carried out in Basque Country. The 15 places offered were covered and many people were in waiting list for next events.

We spoke with naturalness of death in relation to Cinema, to the dreams, to personal experiences or to Literature. The fact that death is a “not to talk” subject was also motive of discussion. For ninety minutes attendees enjoyed coffee, tea and sweets, as well as the experience of talking about death in a different context. The moderation from organizers (Naomi Hasson e Iñaki Saralegui) was not necessary as well as to establish groups to promote the dialogue; the conversation and the debate flowed in a natural way.



Taking prior experiences and the result of our Death Café  held in Vitoria-Gasteiz, we believe that is great initiative to promote the debate on death between citizens.

Therefore, from Proyecto HU-CI we have for you the following proposal: organize a Death Café every month during 2017 in twelve different cities.

If you are interested in participate with us as organizer, fill the following form and thus we will coordinate the calendar.   Any person / Association / Foundation / company of any country which firmly believe this is a necessity can join us, to create and find that space.

Many thanks and happy Tuesday.