Death is an inevitable fact, even if we try to delay it by all means. This process, being protagonists or companions, brings suffering.

A group of people from different fields, health professionals and others with experience in the accompaniment of dying, want to accompany people at this stage of their lives. The Metta Hospice Foundation has just been born, a non-profit project aimed at accompanying people in their dying process, as well as providing support to those who care for them. For all this, planning consultations have been created in different places to attend applications received.

Another objective of our foundation is to promote and develop training programs that contribute to improve the care of the dying process, with special emphasis on spiritual accompaniment. To this end, the foundation organises courses throughout the country, with monographic workshops on topics such as caregiver care, difficult communication, compassion, etc.

You can find more information on our website (select English up on the right) or contact us on the following form.

In addition, we have just edited a book titled “Death and Dying” (soon available in English), which we hope will be a benchmark for the dissemination and deepening of the issue of dying, which affects us all. Death and Dying want to be a guide, both for professionals and for the general public, on a fundamental topic today: how we live and face death both personally and community. It is a collective and complete work that revises all aspects of death and the process of dying (historical, sociocultural, clinical, spiritual, ethical and legal).

Prologued by Dr. Pim van Lommel and edited by Vicente Arráez and Pau Miquel, Death and Dying brings together the vision of some of the main references in knowledge about the process of dying, addressing this fundamental issue with a global and background perspective.

From Proyecto HU-CI, we welcome the Metta Hospice Foundation, which directly converges with our lines of work, research and training.

Let´s work alltogether to multiply this awesome project!!