Hola a to@s, my dear friends

Yesterday at the meeting of Societat Catalana de Medicina Intensiva i Crítica (@SOCMIC) something happened. In a very special place, the Hospital Sant Joan Despí and with a resounding success, we had a fantastic day where science, innovation, technology and heart were present. All together as equals, the professionals of the critical patient. Teamwork.

As all you know, we had commissioned to give the Conference’s closing “Beyond the treatments and techniques” which was split in two talks: “Models, structures and persons” on the one hand, by Dra. Mari Cruz Martín and “Surroundings and family”, that I shared.

Sincerely, high expectations and the warm welcome we received surprised us. When one becomes real (not in web) and connect with people, things already are never equal. And the same thing happens to us daily with patients, families and co-workers.

Both Mari Cruz and I return home with many things: the certainty that the ICUs in Cataluña will change for better because theyselves have this desire. Perhaps they needed that spark that turns on the flame, and yesterday I felt that many people got in love again. It is very difficult to explain in words, but there was laughter, common sense, revolution and especially emotion. And without emotion, there is no project.

We will share the full talks, of course. But I didn’t want to miss the week of the #UCIamable without sharing one of the 2 slides that drafted IC-HU Project following a wonderful idea of the Dra. Ángela Alonso.

Why do the patients suffer in the ICU? How to improve your patient’s well-being?. With an overwhelming common sense, here are some ideas and recommendations which we are sure now you can apply in your environment. We present today the physical causes:

We hope that this serve you in your clinical practice and would be useful to modify it beyond where it is needed. Non-evangelize, take the things you want!.

Thanks again to SOCMIC, specially Meritxell Tapia and Francisco Fernández Dorado that helped Barcelona yesterday was in flames and allowed us to plant a seed that will give many fruits. I am convinced.

This is a great summary:

Happy Friday,

Pd: And Today, the focus is in Requena at #SOVAMICYUC, with Dr. Vicente Gómez-Tello. Non stop the music!! AMUNT VALENCIA!!