Hola a tod@s, my dear friends:

This week, just past The World Day for Palliative Care, we want to launch a new week of awareness and debate. for which we ask you to share the hashtag #CuidadosPaliativosIntensivos. (Palliative-Intensive care). It was a success thanks to your help the campaign #UciSinSujeciones (ICU free of restrains), so here we go!

About the half of patients needing palliative care in
Spain die suffering for lack of coverage

This was one of the messages of the campaign of this year. What do you think?. In IC-HU Project we think that this is one of the items in which Medicine has a clear choice for improvement.

Day by day we see many times people who have diseases that have no treatment or are incurables,  and according to the criteria, is excluded their admission to ICU. This does not mean that is not need intensive treatment, and not only within the strict scope of drug treatment to relieve their symptoms. Probably in those cases, human being should perhaps give this plus.

Indeed, one of the reference web and collaboration in this regard is the blog of Fernando Campaña, Nuestra Enfermería  . I share with you his last post here on October 11. (only available in Spanish)

Let’s talk about this with respect. Share opinions and look for solutions. Between everybody, we can improve conditions, because this is a multi-disciplinary task and patients and relatives also have much to say. We will have professional experts and we will look at this issue from several points of view.

Many thanks to everybody!
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