Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amigos.

As you know, last week we ask your collaboration in the survey about the current situation of Humanization of your ICU. We have received 136 forms from ICU of 20 different countries

We will share step by step the results.

To those 136 people, I sent by e-mail the Humanization Plan of ICU created for the Community of Madrid. After two days shared, it has more than 6000 views and downloads.

One of this persons is Lluís-Joaquim Rubió, of Hospital Mare de Déu dels Lliris de Alcoi, in Alicante.

He wrote me this funny e-mail, which I am sure most of you feel absolutely identified. I asked him permission to share with you, and here it is:

“Dear Dr. Heras,

It has been an honor to receive your email.

Since almost two years, I follow with enthusiasm all about happend around the IC-HU Project. A mate told me about this project, and I can´t stop thinking how I can do it in my ICU.

We have been talking about some ideas, but unfortunately, the most of the team think that all of this is science fiction (or at least, this is my feeling).

When I talk about open visitation policy, they look at me as I need psychiatric care;

when I talk with the families, they want to put me a straitjacket;

when I say Hellow or Goodbye to my patients, even they are in coma, they ask me what drug I have smoked.

As in another ICU, in my one there is a fear for change, but I insist. Living so close all is happend with the IC-HU project makes me feel more human and less alien.

So, when someone tells me “you are mad”, I always think: ” If I am mad, how is Gabi?

Holy contagious madness! Wellcome!

I want to infect my ICU team, the Hospital teams and all the Health Department of Alcoi with this virus which is the humanization of care and helping to spread this so healthly pandemic.

From Alcoi, in Alacant, hugs and love.

Thank you so much Gabi. Thank you so much the IC-HU Project.


In this few words, Lluis summarizes perfectly this human resistance to change that happends in many ICU. Little by little this is changing, everyone in his shoes, with respect and empathy. We don´t want to evangelize, we think every person can see things when it´s possible.

But we think we are not crazy in #humaniza and we know what we want. And every day, we are more and more. 

Dedicated to all of you who feel this “Crazy Madness”. As Jaume Sisa said “Qualsevol nit pot sortir el Sol” (Any night, the Sun can appear).

We are doing among all of us.

Keep doing!

Happy Thursday,