Hola a tod@s, my beloved rogue.

Great satisfaction and pride for me to see that IC-HU Project and the experiences of their collaborators are giving their Scientific fruits.

In the summer courses of the University of Alcalá,  the course “Habits of heart-healthy life XIV” has taken place and it was directed by  Drs. Hernández-Madrid, Matia and Zamorano.

As well, performed one of its lectures by Juan Manuel López-Reina Roldán, nurse of the ICU of the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, Master’s degree in Critical care and PhDcand in Nursing at the University of Alcalá.

I present and share his class, called “After overcoming a heart attack”, based on the story of José Luis Díaz that already all of us know.

He talk about Counseling (a tool that improves the communication with the patient) and its three pillars: Respect, Empathy and Authenticity.

Quoting Carmen Segovia, nurse of the National Organization of Transplants and Master’s degree in Counselling:

• “Learn and practice basic skills of Counselling, as well as facilitate the interaction with patients and their families, provides security to health professionals to reduce your discomfort and stress levels”

• “The continuous practice of Counselling is the basis for establishing a link therapeutic trust, authority and respect necessary to make effective the relationship”

I hope to be your utility.
Thank you very much to Juanma and especially to José Luis!

Happy Thursday,