Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.

Yesterday, I read a marvellous post by Dr. Salvador Casado, Lo peor de la Soledad es la desconexión (The worst of loneliness is the disconnection). Without a doubt, I recommend enjoy and learn it (only available in Spanish).
He talks about something that many of us begin to glimpse, something that when you see, you can not look elsewhere. The importance of being aware and being with oneself.

Many times people encouraged me telling “good work with the blog”, “Come on!”. I always smile and answer… “It is my personal therapy!, I do it for myself…”.

Every person has its space in the shade, inside. Probably, in these times of stimulation and technology increasingly is more difficult to keep silence, and not paying attention to those other things that bother us or that even our own body strives to make us feel. Just stop and listen, and thus many of the problems would not take place. But sometimes that also means finding things that annoy, and all we have the human tendency of running away. We label as bad stuff, and simply those things are. Rather, things are as we are. We should read the book we carry inside.

Be aware is essential to personal development and physical and emotional stability.

And also the duty of health professionals is generate conscience to generate health. Because, although we have forgotten it, the normal is to be healthy.

Come on, to work. I’ve already had my therapy space!

Happy Friday,