Daily we organize activities by simple routine. One of them is driving. We started the car and began a path full of chances that we have to go in response.You adjust the belt, arrangements mirrors, put the seat, and after placing hands on the steering wheel, start the march.

We make mistakes despite being a daily activity?

Of course. Small and imperceptible missteps that in some cases we are not even aware of them.
The same should happen with my kidney. Even being “complicated driving” it was an extremely well known driving and no one, absolutely no one in that operating room, realized that someone had made a mistake.
They said that the pain after an operation like mine was normal even being drugged with all kinds of drugs.

But was that pain  normal? Back pain? The pain in legs? The pain of throat? The pain in bones? The pain when they move to bathe you in the ICU? The pain in the operated area? The pain of pain?

Yes, for professionals it is normal because they are doing the same route as always believing that the same car always drives and forget that today the car is new and the rest variable mechanism. In the ICU they found a solution to me EXAGGERATED pain and when I got to plant the first thing to understand is that I not complaining so much that they could not be so outstanding for me as in the ICU… A great pain I felt in my soul… It would be possible not earing me more than in the ICU? Fear. Intensive care remedy was also used in plant but as usual remedy, routine activity = do safe driving?

Fortunately that came a steering wheel.

I do not know how will be called in other areas for professional nurses who can work on almost all the services of a hospital but in my area is so called: nurse “steering wheel”. After a whole night driving me emotionally and physically to the tranquility and the pain with his attentions, safe responses and efficiency, he noticed something was wrong, very wrong.

The remedy was to make me a washed via urinary catheter to remove possible clots from the surgery, so we were all the time in ICU and two days of plant… and in this way my steering wheel saw that I was bleeding to death slowly.

Emergency surgery. Cause, fissure in the kidney. I don’t know if the kidney came already with the embedded error or committed it there, it gives the same.

My family and me what we really matters is that prompt solution to the mishaps.

That routine is not culture of passivity, neglect or bad mood.

My nurse steering wheel I guess had no time to fall into the routine if every shift he saw a few new patients, some new friends, a new place of work. My steering wheel was alert and knew how to react. My steering wheel saved my life, really, at that time, and from what little I remember since he was semiconscious, I noticed little.

I had the opportunity to casual thanks. “There is no reason”, he said.

And to these nurses is my post, to be example, at all levels, from professional driving and is, as we say around here, a steering wheel like this is “Del Millor, lo milloret” (the best of the good).

Ali Matz