Hello, my dear rogues.

From Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), in its on line publication,
April 2014, we got the present article which will attract great attention.
In What´s
new in ICU visiting policies: can we continue to keep the door closed?

hot off the presses, Drs. Giannini, Garrouste-Orgeas and Latour
propose  a topic for discussion ,already dealt
with in project HU-CI ,and which must be thought over  and over.
The authors
belong to a Pediatric ICU, and the article begins this way: 
“12 Years ago
Hilmar Buchardi wrote an editorial in Intensive Care Medicine that started : 
of the Intensive Care should include as a priority, the Humanization’. It is
time to open the ICUS, which are still closed. The patient comes in -the family
goes out’. 
The article
reviews the bibliography on this matter.
must-read  nowadays,it concludes: ‘We must
open our UCIs, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today’. If we open
our minds we will do something different for our patients and their families.
Technological development should be established and will be well received in a
framework focused on human attention as a priority to our patients and families
Perhaps the
headline should be:’must we keep the doors closed?’ Do we have enough moral,
organizational and ethical arguments not to change our way of working?

As already
pointed out several times by José Luis, author and protagonist of ‘Return totell the story. History of a heart attack, only with the will to understand
each other, patients, families and professionals, we will be able to make
possible what seems impossible.
And we
will! Happy weekend!

Thanks again for helping me in the English traslation to Cristina Calderón