The world was shocked after watching a video posted on youtube showing the poignant scene in which a father, Chris Picco, sings with guitar in hand to his premature son Lennon the song “Blackbird”.

You will probably think that this little and it´s no related to the humanized care in the ICU of adults, and perhaps you will think that this post is wrong. But I invite you to watch the video.

The scenario is the same in which you work, a unit filled with monitors, ventilators and beds (incubators in this case), and if you pay attention, you can hear the noise of the machines while Chris performs the song. However none of those elements was a impediment for this father who could express their love and to accompany Lennon on his journey to eternity.

I believe that this is an example in which only health care team desires can contribute to transform the inhospitable of a critical service in a place of privacy, comfort and dignity.

What advantage leading in the pediatric and neonatal areas!
You can be an agent of change!

Until next week,
Veronica Rojas