A doctor writing about nurses, thanks to the invitation of two good friends that I could not even meet in person. But it is a matter of time.

There are things that do not need to be said, but many times it is necessary to shout aloud what the obvious is, just in case. And this is one of those times.

As you can understand, after more than 15 years of close work, I have lived thousands of stories and teachings. Many relationships and people went through my life all this time, which perhaps can be summed up in the feeling of gratitude and admiration that guide these lines.

The eternal question on Care and Cure, and the tireless personal fight for not choosing, because I want it all. This imposed class struggle that makes no sense, but we perpetuate in a unhealthy way.

Our training leads to contact later tan we should, which I’ll never understand and we will also change. It is there, where everything starts, beside the person who suffers. And there, there is always a nurse. Just a nurse, no one more.

In this so uncomfortable and short distance where it is so difficult to be.

There you are, accompanying in silent and filling that space with your presence. Sometimes even without being aware, showing how there is to do things. Without watermarks, simply doing an impossible job for everyone and guided by the love to the others.

Almost nothing.

And people see gods where there aren´t, rather than appreciate these Birds of Paradise. Even you can´t see yourself, and you have to change this, my mate.

It´s time to say this, to give back what never was ours. Because we all know that you are indispensable.

Because we can not live without your presence, your silence, your hands, your humility, your wisdom, your patience, your smile, your healing words. Now that your diplomas credited you in the academic world, that based on the evidence, I want to thank you what you teach me every day and no one recorded: a master’s degree in human relations based on diligence and love, what I just start to be an apprentice.

Thank you every one of my journey mates.

Happy International Nursing Day.